OMG Checkout

Increase income by offering the simplest & quickest donation experience to potential supporters and donors.

OMG Mobilise

Put your supporters in control of their giving. With a text or a click, they can make a donation or change their regular gift.

OMG Text Giving

Create & manage text-to donate campaigns on any scale – and deliver SMS journeys that keep supporters engaged.

OMG Checkout

OMG Checkout makes giving easy for donors.

Product Features
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More donors

Provide the most appropriate and effective payment option to supporters.


Create the perfect design, payment options & data capture for your campaign across mobile, desktop & tablet.

More options

Take one-off & recurring gifts worldwide. Accept cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, and DD coming soon.

Better data

Capture the additional info you need – including GDPR consent and watertight Gift Aid declarations.


Make it easy for donors to share their giving via Facebook, Messenger and Twitter.

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OMG Mobilise

OMG Mobilise has evolved to allow supporters to control their regular donations and make ad-hoc gifts across a range of payment methods.

Product Features
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Raise more income

Boost regular giving and donations by making it easy to give.

More Options

Let donors control payments via card, Apple Pay & PSMS – with DD and other systems coming soon.

Better retention

Skippable payments mean fewer cancellations.

Engaged supporters

Boost engagement and satisfaction by delivering feedback in the same channels that supporters use to give.


Deliver the perfect experience with multipart messaging, multi-track journeys and dashboard reporting.

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OMG Text Giving

Premium SMS giving was where OMG began its journey. We’re the sector leaders and have the tech to make your campaign happen – on any scale.

Product Features
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From a press ad to an major event, SMS is the quickest & easiest way for everyone to give and get involved.


Text drives engagement – and we have the systems you need to build journeys & keep people involved.

More features

Multi-part messaging, automated & triggered journeys, personalisation – our system does it all.

Scale & speed

Inbound or outbound, we have the skills and the capacity to make it happen on even the grandest scale.


We’re experts in SMS giving and communications in the UK & abroad. If you’ve got a challenge, we can help.

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