We will pass on all relevant data as well as any consents or declarations that are captured during the process.

For more detail, or to discuss your requirements, please get in touch.

We can configure the system to capture any data you require and can thus develop bespoke forms to capture GDPR-standard consents as required.

For more detail, or to discuss your requirements, please get in touch.

Of course – either via data capture within the payment process or via a PAF-Validated SMS process.

For more detail, please get in touch.

Yes, although not all payment options and functions are available in every territory.

To find out what you can do and where, please get in touch.

OMG Checkout

Checkout allows highly effective digital payment and data-capture forms to be created quickly and easily. Our system means donors can make payments with as little friction as possible – just selecting their preferred amount, frequency and payment method.

Having made a donation, supporters can save their payment details, add Gift Aid, provide their contact details & permissions and share their donation on social media.

In the UK donors can donate via their mobile phone bill, credit or debit card & Apple Pay. We will soon be adding Direct Debit and PayPal.

Yes. And Checkout is fully integrated with Mobilise for regular donations.

For donations made to the mobile phone bill, donors can currently give £3, £5 and £10. For all other payment options, donors can give any amount up to £1,000 in pound increments.

There is a standard template available, which offers considerable control over the look and feel. Charities can provide logos/images, colour preferences and custom CSS.

Charities can also choose which payment types and donation amounts are available to donors.

Once you are set up with OMG you can set up campaign-configured donation pages in minutes.

Money is paid to you directly to your account for card payments, Direct Debits, Apple Pay and PayPal. For payments on mobiles (PSMS and carrier billing), networks pay out up to three months after the donation is made.

There are no set up or monthly fees. If you use our templates the forms and hosting are free and any payment processing charges are passed on at cost. We charge a small fee for each transaction based on volume. Contact us to find out more.

OMG Mobilise

Mobilise is a unique donation platform that allows charities to use multiple payment methods to deliver frictionless fundraising campaigns with bespoke communication journeys – while giving donors direct control over their giving.

You can use Mobilise to save payment details from supporters and transform your fundraising via SMS and email – turning SMS and email broadcasts into 1- and 2-click fundraising appeals for donations and upgrades.

You can also use Mobilise to give supporters direct control over their donations – enabling them to give more or less in any month, skip a monthly gift and take payment breaks from regular giving.

Mobilise can also be used to deliver programmatic content to donors – engaging them in your cause and thanking them for their support.

In the UK, donors can donate through Mobilise via their Mobile phone bill, a card or ApplePay. We will be adding Direct Debit and PayPal soon.

Yes – they can do both from the same account. You can also make ad-hoc appeal and upgrade requests to donors, where you have permission, either by email or SMS. Donors save their payment information with you and give permission for future donations.

Donors can be recruited onto Mobilise wherever you offer the relevant payment options. So street, door-to-door and telemarketing campaigns can all be used to offer Mobilise to donors. Mobilise could also be offered to existing supporters in your telemarketing campaigns.

Yes – via our Checkout, which can be easily deployed for digital and social campaigns. Supporters can donate and move straight onto the Mobilise platform. For more information please contact us.

About a week – although it may take a little longer to offer certain payment options for your first campaign.

Money is paid to you directly to your account for cards, Direct Debits, Apple Pay and PayPal. For payments on mobiles (PSMS and carrier billing), networks pay out up to three months after the donation is made.

We pass through payment processing fees at cost and then charge a small fee per active donor based on volume. For our full rate card please get in touch.

OMG Text Giving

Just give us a call. We can quickly set up a keyword on one of our shortcode numbers for use in marketing materials or at events.

You can rent a dedicated shortcode from us – contact us for more details.

One of the most important things is that it fits in with your proposition and creative. Other factors to consider are length (keep it short) and how easy it is to spell. If it’s something a phone is likely to autocorrect, then you should rethink your choice.

The keyword and shortcode combination we set up for you will have a fixed value. If you want additional values, you will need more than one keyword set up.

Unless you rent a dedicated shortcode from us (see Q3) you will be using our shared shortcodes. We may be able to give you several shortcode options for your chosen keyword.

We can schedule a one-off broadcast to go at any time and to any number of supporters. We can also create automated ‘journeys’ with regular uploads – contact us to find out more.

Yes, you can include a PSMS appeal in a broadcast or any message in an SMS journey. You can use a separate keyword or simply ask supporters to reply ‘YES’ to give.

It takes about 3 months after your initial setup. This is how long it takes the networks to pay out the donations.