Collecting not Fundraising

Providing the donation platform for One Love Manchester was a very special job – and a very hectic one.

But now that all the excitement is over, I think it’s taught us something important about what we do – and what we sometimes shouldn’t.

I’m a fundraiser and I’m very proud of the fact that I’m part of a company dedicated to making the process asking for – and giving – money as easy as possible.

But sometimes, we don’t have to be fundraisers. We don’t have to make the ask clever or compelling. Or unavoidable. We just need to collect.

The desire to help was there in Manchester and across the UK. All we needed to do was give it an outlet. That’s why the British Red Cross chose text donation – and why we settled on a modest £5 value.

That way, everyone got to be part of it. Including us.

One Love.